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Dr. Soumik Dutta, Founder, Dutta Trust 

With more than a decade's experience working in the IT industry spanning various roles in multiple geographies, my Entrepreneurship journey started after completing my MBA from the Indian Institute of Social welfare & Business Management, Kolkata. I founded Dutta Trust, and providing consulting services in the area of Financial Services, Business services, and enabling  Artificial Intelligence as a service.

My Vision is to create consulting business services that have a deep impact on society and believes that this vision can be achieved by the use of  Intelligent technology. The idea for the startup came when I was asked to find a solution to the problem of subsidy leakage in Govt sanctioned schemes for the new business startup, supporting all technological needs and fundraising, etc. 

I am now leveraging the AI platform that we built and is building products in the extremely cutting-edge domain of 'innovative Technology'. I believe technology can democratize business in India and other developing countries.

I am active in the Startup ecosystem in Bangalore & Stockholm and meet Entrepreneurs regularly and help in organizing meetups and events centered around startups. I have been a Program Leader for the Startup Leadership Program, a global Entrepreneurship program.

At Dutta Trust, I take care of Market sensing, Opportunity Sizing, Product Management, Business Development, and Sales. I am ably supported by a young and enthusiastic team and mentored by some extremely sharp veterans.


* Market Sensing

* Opportunity Sizing

* Agile Methodologies

* Company Foundation

* Income Tax & GST Consultancy

* Franchise Consultancy

* Solution Designing 

* Startup strategies

Your most trusted partner..


Debjani Dutta, Co-Founder, Dutta Trust 

Growing up, Debjani would dismantle every toy and gadget at sight in an attempt to understand how and why they work and rebuilt to full functionality. Just like everything in life, she succeeded in some and not succeeded in some. She would attribute her greatest wins to extremely inquisitive nature which enables her to understand the opportunities to reinvent and recreate.

Debjani takes great pride in persistence, diligence, and empathy. That is why she loves finance and its functions as tools that allows individuals to overcome financial hurdles and accelerate growth through Equity Market in Cash, Futures and Option trading.

She also has a passion for coaching/ training, writing and presentations for young individuals. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping individual discover and develop these skills and seeing them sail with enthusiasm and confidence towards a future filled with joy and satisfaction.


* Stock Market advisory 

* Digital Content Designing 

* Affiliated Marketing 

* Training Services

* Financial advisory 

* Pharma Services

* Digital Marketing 

* Mutual Fund/SIP/PMS services

Your most trusted partner..